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The Ancient Egyptians called their land “Kemet” because the soil along the Nile was fertile, and the society they build upon it was one of advanced medicine and compassionate, community-based healthcare. At Kemet Health, we seek to provide a similarly prosperous environment where patients can recover from addiction and mental health struggles with dignity and compassion.

The core tenets of care at Kemet are as follows:

  • Affordability and accessibility, expanding access to treatment and removing cost as an obstacle to care.
  • Dignity and respect, offering thoughtful, compassionate care that is built on understanding first and foremost.
  • Innovation, continuously seeking to learn new methods, advance our care, and improve our manner of thinking to provide patients with meaningful results.

If you’re ready to receive the patient-focused, mold-breaking support you deserve in your journey to better health, we’re here to walk with you at every step. Schedule your first appointment with Kemet Health today.

Kemet Health