Our mission is to fix healthcare for those left behind.

“Of all forms of discriminations and inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane, because it often results in physical death.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Kemet Cares.

We're Here To Face Your Challenges With You

We are dedicated to this mission because it is hard to sit and watch so much unnecessary suffering. There are tens of thousands of deaths directly resulting from the substance abuse every year. These deaths are preventable. But they are not being prevented.

While society is aware of issues in addiction, we are not confident in the solutions being offered. People want help, but they can’t always find it. And healthcare continues to be very expensive and less than accessible to those who need it most. Our aim is to be better.

From the moment our doors opened, we put a focus on accessibility. That means us accepting more insurance plans over time and making treatment more affordable. It also means no waiting lists! Most importantly, we put a focus on you. We’re here to work with you. We want to be a part of your routine - not just an appointment for you to check off. We’re here to help you reach the next stage in life.

Our Company

We’re here to keep our promises to our patients.

Trust is often lost in addiction recovery. Patients frequently go from facility to facility, wondering why nobody “gets it”. Providers can be harsh, unfair, and enrich themselves with actions that don’t benefit patients. This problem is made bigger when you recognize how important it is to get this right.

We promise to recognize how difficult your life is – and work with you to make it better.

Everyone is different – we all have different starting points, different goals, and unique struggles. We’re here to work with you as an individual.

We promise to bring the very best care and advice that we can find into your treatment.

We pull from years of experience in treating opioid addiction. As a team, we have worked with thousands of people and have seen what works for them.

We promise to not waste your time.

We know what it means to show up for an appointment and wait, and wait, and wait some more. We also know how it feels to put a lot of effort into something and come up short.

We promise to make treatment easier to access.

We try our best to adapt our schedule to yours. You have telemedicine as an option to save you a trip to the clinic. And we’re accepting as many insurance plans as we can soon – including Medicaid.

And we promise to always be in your corner.

For the big things – and the little things. We didn’t start this clinic for ourselves – we’re here for you.

We’re in this together.

Our Name

The Ancient Egyptians saw their land in Egypt as a source of their strength. This region saw predictable annual flooding of the Nile, which created excellent sources of food for farming and hunting. It is on this fertile ground that the most powerful civilization in the world prospered for thousands of years.

“Kemet”  is the name the Ancient Egyptians had for their land. It literally translates as “black land” – for the black soil made fertile by the annual flooding of the Nile.

“Kemet”  stands in contrast to their word “Deshret” , meaning “red land” – which has become our modern word for “desert.” “Kemet” referred to the lush lands - the lands that weren’t barren and sandy desert.

Among their many strengths, the Ancient Egyptians had excellent healthcare. Some of the oldest papyrus we have from the Egyptians describe surgical techniques and medical remedies – some of which we still use today. Leaders of other empires were often sent to Egypt to receive the very best healthcare. And most important, they had universal healthcare. If a farmer or laborer fell sick, they were given treatment and time off to heal.

We see the Ancient Egyptians as a powerful example: if an ancient people could succeed on a global scale while taking care of their own – we can find a way too. They are the inspiration for our name.

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