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Our Mission

Our Company

Kemet was founded to bring accessibility, dignity and innovation to healthcare.

Affordability and accessibility. We are here to expand access to treatment. Too often, no prices are displayed – or prices are prohibitively high – from other counselors. We set our pricing so that you can access care whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Dignity and Respect. This at the forefront of every Kemet interaction. We bring a level of thoughtfulness to each interaction: treating others with respect, carrying ourselves with dignity and adding value through understanding.

Innovation. There is always a better way. We challenge ourselves to continually learn, improve our thinking, and leverage our systems to drive meaningful results for individuals and our community.

And we promise to always be in your corner.

For the big things – and the little things. We didn’t start this clinic for ourselves – we’re here for you.

Our Name

The Ancient Egyptians saw their land in Egypt as a source of their strength. This region saw predictable annual flooding of the Nile, which created excellent sources of food for farming and hunting. It is on this fertile ground that the most powerful civilization in the world prospered for thousands of years.

“Kemet” is the name the Ancient Egyptians had for their land. It literally translates as “black land” – for the black soil made fertile by the annual flooding of the Nile.

“Kemet” stands in contrast to their word “Deshret” , meaning “red land” – which has become our modern word for “desert.” “Kemet” referred to the lush lands - the lands that weren’t barren and sandy desert.

Among their many strengths, the Ancient Egyptians had excellent healthcare. Some of the oldest papyrus we have from the Egyptians describe surgical techniques and medical remedies – some of which we still use today. Leaders of other empires were often sent to Egypt to receive the very best healthcare. And most important, they had universal healthcare. If a farmer or laborer fell sick, they were given treatment and time off to heal.

We see the Ancient Egyptians as a powerful example: if an ancient people could succeed on a global scale while taking care of their own – we can find a way too. They are the inspiration for our name.

Egyptian Land