This is a blog post in a series we’re doing: “from the inside”. It gives a perspective from the people inside our clinic working with you on your recovery.  

My internship at Kemet Health has been a confusing one. On one hand, I’ve been having a wonderful experience expanding my knowledge of healthcare and being involved in the journey of growing our new clinic and uncovering our potential. On the other hand, however, this excitement comes to an emotional halt when I begin to uncover the unfortunate reality of the opioid industry.

Since the late 90’s, Americans have been introduced to opioids as a form of medication used to treat chronic pain. They were misinformed by pharmaceutical companies that the opioids were not addictive, which led to an increase in prescriptions and along with it, the increase of opioid use overdoses. Today, our society is still facing the ongoing opioid epidemic and suffering from the mistakes made within the medical community. 

My role in this internship has increased my awareness of the opioid crisis and the severity of its effects. I’ve utilized my time to do independent research to understand the community of struggling addicts and discover possible solutions for effective treatments. Prior to working at Kemet, I lacked the experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry, but being introduced to this new territory has sparked motivation and passion to excel in our efforts to provide quality care for those who rightfully deserve it.

All throughout my internship, I’ve been enjoying the work that I do and appreciating the people I connect with along the way. Being involved with a sensitive profession is no easy task, and I’m beginning to understand why. The feeling of excitement and joy in the work that I do is always temporary because my focus shifts back to the reality of hardships and struggles that individuals face when dealing with opioid addiction. 

While working at Kemet, I have established a new meaning of hope. Just as I have hope for our clinic and our team’s success, I have hope for every patient that walks through our doors. I have hope that their willingness to seek help is appreciated and understood. I have hope that they always feel welcomed and cared for by everyone at our clinic. I have hope that their recovery process is successful and that their past life is just that- the past. I have hope that our patients will never have the wrong reasons to come back. I have hope that Kemet Health will be the last stop they make before venturing out and rediscovering their new life. 

Welcome Home!