Life expectancy has been gradually increasing over time all across the world. We are beginning to see a larger aging population and a large focus in healthcare to accommodate the elderly. However, this statement may not necessarily be true for Americans living in the US. For the past three years, life expectancy in the US has been in decline. This decrease in life expectancy does not stem from a single cause, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights how substance-abuse largely contributed to the decline. 

In 2017, drug overdoses led to over 70,000 deaths - 47,000 of those involving opioids. Opioids continue to be prescribed in copious amounts, leading to misuse and illegal distributions of opioid painkillers. Medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies who exploit the opioid crisis are not being held responsible for profiting at the expense of vulnerable individuals.

The demographic most affected by the life expectancy decrease are white people in America without a college degree. These individuals are living shorter lives due to drug abuse and alcoholism. The rise in healthcare costs aren’t necessarily adding any benefits to this cause nor is it helping the situation in any way. Struggling addicts typically come from low-income areas and live in poverty, so seeking treatment may not be a possible solution for them because they have no financial means of receiving proper treatment. 

In a world where technology is rapidly improving, one would think that access to affordable and effective health care would be a no-brainer. However, it seems that society is going backwards, where healthcare becomes more expensive and resources for treatment is lacking. As a society, should we focus more on making profits or helping our community? 

Kemet Health is attempting to combat this issue by providing evidence-based solutions to our patients at an affordable cost. We truly believe that nobody deserves to be left behind and that everyone should have a fair and equal chance at fighting their addiction regardless of socioeconomic status. We offer Medicaid as a payment option for those low-income individuals who want to seek treatment and counseling, but can’t afford to pay expensive rates. 

We are determined to beat the statistics and make overdoses a problem of the past so that Americans have a fighting chance to live a long and happy life, even after recovery!