A Series on the Power of Suboxone in MAT


hands clasped helping someoneYou are a diabetic!

At Kemet we often talk about how addiction is a chronic disorder. You can think about it the same way as someone who has diabetes; they need access to insulin, or they end up very sick.

Suboxone is the “insulin” for addiction. It is your medicine, which is no different than anyone else who is seeking medical care for chronic conditions.

Addiction recovery is a war on multiple fronts.

This isn’t a one-on-one fight between you and your adversary. This is a complex battle of infantry, tanks, air support, and special operatives. Suboxone gives you the ammunition to deal with them all.

What are these multiple fronts for recovery?

1. Social. This is a big one. Your social scene will determine your leisure time and the types of activities you’re engaged in. Chances are, the people from your past are not the best influence on your recovery. You can choose to avoid them, but it may take time until you have a robust social network around you. Isolation can be a big part of addiction – and recovery, if you aren’t careful.

2. Employment. It is important to wake up every day with a purpose. To have someone counting on you to be somewhere. Employment is great for forming productive habits and become self-sufficient with income.

3. Mental Health. Your mental health will likely take a beating from the time you actively using drugs or alcohol. Suboxone can help to stabilize you for withdrawal and avoid acute issues. But you still need to focus on improving your activity levels, getting outside occasionally for a walk or jog, interacting socially with friends or family, and eating well. These can all lead to improved mental status and ability to cope with recovery.

4. Physical Health. It’s important that you see a primary care physician and address any serious issues that you might have. It is common to avoid this, but it is very important to make sure your hard work in recovery will leave you healthy and happy.

5. Chemical Dependency. You will experience withdrawals from opioids if you do not have Suboxone or methadone available. This can be very unpleasant and create flu-like symptoms for days or weeks.

6. Spirituality. For many, this may be religion. For others it may be a simple understanding of yourself, your life, and your place in the universe. There are many questions that have no answer, but thinking about them can help you put your recovery in context. A lot of people in recovery draw strength from spirituality.

Your odds for recovery are improved with Suboxone.

Don’t let anyone tell you that using Suboxone or other medications for recovery is “not real recovery”. Or that it somehow you are putting in less work as a result.

We choose to structure our program at Kemet around Suboxone because we’ve seen it work for hundreds of people. Suboxone is taken by thousands of people across the U.S. every day.