My intention with this letter is to avoid clichés and any “silver bullet” talk.  I don't have all the answers or any for that matter. The fact is, I believe you have the answer to your recovery. I believe you’ve always had the answer. Having the answer, though, and implementing it in your life are two entirely different things. Having the answer is necessary, but hardly sufficient. Our job at Kemet is to help you unlock your personal answer to your addiction and develop a treatment plan or game plan if you will as to how to go about attacking it. 

I have read stories where it has taken someone 30+ visits to rehab before they were finally able to get clean. That is unheard of resolve and determination to achieve recovery. We do recover. It doesn’t matter how much heroin you’ve shot, snorted, or smoked. It doesn’t matter if you are hooked on pills following a brief hospital stay. No matter the amount of pills swallowed or heroin injected there is a singular an indisputable truth that is immovable; in the face of even the most persistent denial – We do recover.

So, the underlying question is – “What do you want and what are you prepared to do?” You should also ask yourself, 'why now' and 'what has changed.' You can't start something without knowing why especially something as challenging and life changing as recovery. Are you doing it for yourself? Someone else? One mistake addicts make is thinking there is some kind of timeline associated with recovery. There is no artificial deadline to completing recovery nor an artificial starting line. Recovery will always be there to start the journey with you when you are ready and so will we. 

It’s the question all of us have had to ask ourselves at some point: “What do you want to do?” Sadly, the response I get a lot from addicts to the above question is, “To use without pain, remorse or consequence.” This is the sad reality of how strong addiction is. There reached a point, however, when there simply weren’t enough drugs to numb the pain and it is at that point where the question demands an answer. It is a challenge – a direct challenge – and it is a challenge that will determine how you respond to all the remaining challenges life will present. We dare you to say enough! We dare you to be the person you always believed you could be. When you decide, we are here and we will simply greet you with...'welcome ​home.'