A Series on the Power of Suboxone in MAT

At Kemet, we believe in the power of Suboxone. That’s right! There is power in this medication. womanrecovery.jpeg

From all the studies we’ve seen, going “cold turkey” with no treatment has less than a 5% success rate for recovery from opioid use. The odds are against you from the very start. Quitting opioids is not like quitting video games, tobacco, alcohol, or nearly any other addiction. That isn’t to say that quitting other addictions is easy, just that you absolutely need professional help if you are going to escape opioid addiction.

The Gold Standard

Experts consider Suboxone, taken as part of MAT (medication assisted treatment), to be the gold standard for recovery. The White House has thrown considerable resources into expanding MAT and access to Suboxone as our opioid epidemic has unfolded. Thousands of clinics and tens of thousands of providers have come forward to obtain licenses and permissions to prescribe Suboxone and offer counseling over the past decade. But what is it about Suboxone that makes it the gold standard?


The term “addiction” is often thrown around when talking about opioid use. It is a highly addictive substance and is very hard to escape on your own, and one primary reason for this is the dependency that it creates.

Chemical dependency can be thought of as your body’s physical response (withdrawal) to an absence of a substance. Opioid withdrawal can be very unpleasant, causing flu-like symptoms that include pain, chills, and nausea.

Suboxone directly targets opioid dependency – occupying the same receptors in your brain that otherwise demand more opioids so that you will avoid withdrawal symptoms. By removing the need for an opioid habit, Suboxone allows someone in recovery to focus on rebuilding their life. It frees up money, time, and fear, and replaces it with a clear head, hope, and a chance at starting over.

Suboxone is Not Everything

Access to Suboxone solves the most frustrating part for someone in recovery: it removes the “grip” that opioids have on you. But Suboxone is only the beginning: there is an entire life to rebuild after a span of time addicted to opioids. Finding the right path for employment, rebuilding the social circles around you, accessing proper medical care, and getting assistance with other life challenges. 

Suboxone can’t get you a job, but it can get you sober so that finding employment or starting a new relationship is easy. That’s why we believe in Suboxone at Kemet. It’s a chance to find the power within you. We’re here to help you find it.