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  1. Springfield, VA Office
Office Location

Office Location



Get In Touch with Us:

We are located in Springfield, VA., in a highly accessible and convenient location.

Our central location is directly next to where I-395, I-495, and I-95 intersect. Our offices are located in a quiet plaza, which is tucked away from Backlick Road. Parking is available on-site at our location - it’s easy to access, and it’s free. We are also located near a number of pharmacies, to assist in your prescription pick-up needs.

Additional Directions and Information:
  • We are located in the very back left corner of the North Springfield Professional Center as you enter from Backlick Road.
  • We are on the left, next to the Purple Heart location at the back of the plaza.
  • Please be respectful of this quiet work environment as it is a privilege for us to be here. Please: no smoking; act in accordance with recovery behaviors, and respect our neighbors at all times.

Call us any time if you are having trouble finding the clinic.