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Kemet Health was founded to provide high-quality, human-centered, relationship-based, and affordable health care to everyone, everywhere

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Kemet Health was founded to provide high-quality, human-centered, relationship-based, and affordable healthcare to everyone, everywhere. We go above and beyond to help everyone within the scope of our practice, including those who are pressed for time, are short on funds, or are unable to travel far for an appointment.
Our expert caregivers genuinely care about our patients and want them to receive the care they require. Unlike other providers, we offer our services virtually, accept all major private & military insurance plans,offer lower cost pricing to patients without insurance, and prioritize longer appointments.

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Our mission

We aim to take down the barriers that prevent everyone from having universal access to mental health care. Every person’s mental health is important to us. Every patient’s story matters. We value each patient and are here to listen, assist, and support them throughout their journey. Our highly qualified healthcare professionals will do everything in their power, with integrity, to improve the health outcomes of our patients. 

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Our name

The Ancient Egyptians saw their land in Egypt as a source of their strength. This region saw predictable annual flooding of the Nile, which created excellent sources of food for farming and hunting. It is on this fertile ground that the most powerful civilization in the world prospered for thousands of years.

“Kemet” is the name the Ancient Egyptians had for their land. It literally translates as “black land” – for the black soil made fertile by the annual flooding of the Nile.
“Kemet” stands in contrast to their word “Deshret” , meaning “red land” – which has become our modern word for “desert.” “Kemet” referred to the lush lands – the lands that weren’t barren and sandy desert.

Among their many strengths, the Ancient Egyptians had excellent healthcare. Some of the oldest papyrus we have from the Egyptians describe surgical techniques and medical remedies – some of which we still use today. Leaders of other empires were often sent to Egypt to receive the very best healthcare. And most important, they had universal healthcare. If a farmer or laborer fell sick, they were given treatment
and time off to heal.

We see the Ancient Egyptians as a powerful example: if an ancient people could succeed on a global scale while taking care of their own – we can find a way too. They are the inspiration for our name.

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