What do I need to bring with me when I come to the clinic?

Please always bring your insurance cards, appropriate payment for treatment, and a valid form of photo ID (such as a driver’s license). If all of these items are not present at your appointment, we may need to delay the administration of services.


How much does treatment cost?

We accept as many insurance plans as we can – and more every day. Check our front page to see the latest!

If you are not using your insurance here, we charge $149 every two weeks for all patients. Self-paying patients can expect this pricing to remain the same in the months to come. We will try to lower this cost in the long term.

As part of your visit(s), we will keep you informed on any co-pays or changes to the monthly cost.


What methods can I use for payment?

Please use cash or credit card. We also will accept money orders. 

Are prescriptions given at the first appointment?

We try to accommodate this when we can. In these cases, you must complete an assessment with a counselor and then complete a visit with a physician or nurse practitioner. 

You must be accepted into Kemet prior to receiving a prescription, as not every patient is indicated for treatment in our clinic. Additionally, certain health conditions may require closer monitoring or prevent treatment entirely.

How often do I need to come to the clinic?

This is fully dependent on your current needs. Generally, patients can expect to receive weekly, 2-week, and 4-week prescriptions. As you progress in your recovery, you will earn longer-dated prescriptions.

We require therapy at least 2x per month. Some insurance plans may require more frequent visits. Therapy can be a mix of individual and group therapy - and usually be completed the same day as a physician visit.

Do I have to do therapy?

Yes! We have counseling staff in-house who are dedicated to working with you on your recovery. 

Counseling is the most important part of rebuilding your life. You may feel that you can do all or most of your recovery on your own; but studies have shown therapy to significantly increase recovery outcomes. With that in mind, we can work with you in many different areas of your life, based on your needs at the time.

Do you use Telemedicine at all? Do I have to come to the clinic?

Telemedicine allows you to be treated from home for therapy and physician follow-up appointments. All you need for telemedicine care is a cellphone, tablet, or computer with Internet access. 

We allow some visits through telemedicine, but it does not replace the need for you to be in the clinic at least 1x/month. Our ultimate goal is to make sure it is therapeutic and aiding in your recovery.

Can I take my Benzos?

Yes. Benzodiazepine use is permitted while in treatment at Kemet, but we keep a very close eye on this. This includes drugs such as Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, etc. Combining depressants (Suboxone + benzodiazepines) can increase the chances for overdose and hospitalization.

What if I mess up (i.e. relapse or use other drugs)?

There is no “one size fits all” in treatment for recovery, and so our response to these events will be highly individualized.

To help us determine how best to respond, we have protocols based on the substance used and how it impacts your safety. These include warnings, increased monitoring, more frequent therapy visits, and other restrictions. 

We also have the right to discharge patients and will do so when the potential harm from treatment outweighs the potential benefit.


What is a “Prior Authorization?”

Many insurance plans require authorization to pay for your treatment or medications. Often, these prior authorizations are tied to your performance in treatment (including attendance, urine drug tests, and other measures). Without an authorization, your insurance company may not cover your treatment. If you have questions about what is required for your authorization, or if your authorization has been denied, please call us for additional information and to determine your next steps.


Suboxone and other formulations of buprenorphine products make me sick – can I be prescribed Subutex?

We currently only prescribe Subutex to pregnant patients. This is because Virginia has strict laws regarding Subutex. If you experience adverse effects on your current prescription, please bring your concerns to your doctor to determine appropriate next steps.


Can I be prescribed Suboxone films vs. tablets?

Any discussion on the use of films vs. tablets is between you, your insurance plan, and the pharmacy. We are able to prescribe either formulation for you. However, we have no influence over what each formulation will cost you as a patient.


I have experiences in treatment at other clinics. My other doctor let me (do this or that) – why don’t you?

Every practice has its own policies. We set ours with you and your safety in mind. These policies may not be aligned with your past experiences. But every doctor is different – we follow our rules and other doctors follow theirs.


I have pain – can I take buprenorphine? 

Buprenorphine is not indicated by the FDA for anything other than treating opioid dependency. We do not write off-script for buprenorphine products