Human Connection

At Kemet Health...

We believe that the opposite of addiction is human connection.

That might sound a bit strange isn’t sobriety is the opposite of addiction?

Sobriety is an important piece, but it only addresses the symptoms of addiction. Not the causes.

If you are in recovery, you have achieved sobriety. Ask yourself this: has the battle been won at that point? Is the struggle over?

Or perhaps there is something deeper and more fundamental that needs to be looked at. Perhaps you have too much pain in your life and addiction is an attempt to escape. If life is difficult and painful, we might choose to not be present.

If returning to sobriety means a return to the struggles in life, then it is hardly the end of recovery. It is the beginning.


Addiction is the loneliest disease.

When you are lonely, you can run out of hope. You feel disconnected from others – you feel like no one cares. You might feel that you will always be this way.

It is common territory with addiction to cut people out of our lives – and hurt those we love most. We also stop social and interactive activities and cease to pursue our interests.

Humans are social creatures. We thrive on community, friendship, shared experiences, family. Without other people in our lives, everything becomes more difficult. Including recovery.


Beat isolation in recovery at Kemet.

At Kemet, we try to break the cycle of addiction and loneliness through encouragement and friendship. We embrace the need for human connection and new experiences.

This makes Kemet somewhat unique. Even if you find a good treatment provider, society does not make it easy to get help with:

  • Forming a better social life
  • Pursuing new interests or activities
  • Building social supports with family, friends, and other outlets
  • Self-confidence for yourself, and boundaries to keep away negative influences

That is why our focus at Kemet is on improving your life and not just your addiction.
To new beginnings.


Our Beliefs


  • The opposite of addiction is human connection, not sobriety.
  • Addiction is a complex disorder that affects brain chemistry – that people do not intentionally contract
  • It is important to focus on behavioral health needs that extend beyond the issues of addiction
  • Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical to developing new behaviors for recovery
  • Recovery is a lifelong process made easier with access to high-quality treatment.


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