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Mental Health Specialists - Springfield, VA & Nashville, TN

Family Therapy for Mental Health

Family engagement and collaboration are vital for progress in therapy. This is because behavioral health problems are best considered within a systemic framework that take multiple dimensions into account.

Human behavior is influenced and determined by multiple factors – especially an individual’s environment. Child and adolescent psychosocial problems are closely linked with family relations as well as other social systems (peers, school, neighborhood).

Serious clinical problems may require family therapy to address the root causes. Conflicts in family dynamics can act as a trigger for declines in mental wellness. Family involvement in therapy is an important step towards understanding and improved family functioning.

Collaboration is key! We work to improve family engagement to reduce family risk factors, as well as negativity and blame. 


Happy Family

Reasons for Family Therapy 

  • Marital problems 
  • Parent-child conflict 
  • Sibling conflicts 
  • Effects of illness or substance abuse on the family 
  • Inconsistent parenting skills 
  • Psychoeducation for family member’s about a patient’s illness 
  • Improving emotional expressions  

Our specialists direct treatment and optimize medication management for patients who are generally stable. This treatment is best for patients who receive the majority of their mental health care from their primary care physician, and typically involves 1-2 visits.

Goals of Family Therapy 

  • Exploring family dynamics and their relationship to mental health issues
  • Mobilizing the family’s strength and internal resources 
  • Addressing harmful styles of family interaction 
  • Improving the family’s problem-solving behavior