Opioid addiction is more than a physical illness. As a result, both social and mental environments and triggers can lead to opioid use - even after the most rigorous detox program. From stress, to being in certain environments, to being with friends who use substances, a variety of things can lead someone down the path to relapse. To address this very real health risk, doctors seeking to offer the best quality treatment provide counseling to anyone undergoing MAT and recovering from addiction. Kemet Health is no exception; and our group and individualized therapy sessions will provide you with the support and guidance you need during your recovery.

We believe that counseling is the most important part of rebuilding your life. You may feel that you can do all or most of your recovery on your own, but studies have shown therapy to significantly increase recovery outcomes. The skills learned in therapy can last a lifetime, so this can be a powerful way to improve yourself. With that in mind, we can work with you in many different areas of your life, based on your needs at the time of your visits.



What Are The Differences Between Individual & Group Therapy?

It’s all in the name. While both types of therapy can be beneficial, everyone has a preferred approach to treatment. That’s why we offer two types of counseling.
In individual counseling, you meet with your counselor in a private setting to focus on your personal needs. 

In group therapy, you have an opportunity to interact with others who are also in recovery. 


How Does Therapy Generally Work?

The most popular type of therapy today is cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a therapeutic technique that teaches you how to recognize moods, thoughts, and situations that contribute to drug cravings. Upon recognizing these triggers, you and your therapist can work on avoiding them. You can also learn how to replace negative thoughts and feelings with healthy ones that will help you stay clean. 


Is There Anything “Special” About Your Therapy Services?”

Kemet Health has designed an engaging group therapy environment that is very interactive. The hope is that we foster a sense of belonging that will help you avoid the isolating nature of recovery.

That said, while a group environment can offer acceptance and support, it lacks the privacy some may need while moving through their care journey. Individual therapy, for example, can be very beneficial in helping those struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, and/or similar health issues that require treatment separate from recovery.


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