Destructive anger and domestic violence can be stopped if you know how to “Press Pause”. We’re here to teach you how. Our program includes anger management assessments, interactive groups / one-on-one / family discussions, and most of all, telemedicine, so you can get the care at the comfort of your house. Contact us to learn more to get the best out of our anger management program.

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English & Spanish Classes Available!


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Judicial, Courts, & Employer Requirements

We help you navigate this process smoothly to avoid headaches

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Interactive Sessions

One-on-One, Family and Group Discussions


“Press Pause”: Kemet’s Anger Management Program (Spanish & English)

Attending our courses, you explore how to decrease stress, shame, distorted thinking, and how anger is part of the human experience. You investigate how anger can interfere in your life and the lives of those around you. You learn to take control of your life.

Credibility: We offer courses approved by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), which has been approved by numerous courts and employers in the U.S. And our counselors are certified in anger management (CAMS).

Style of program: We offer interactive groups as well as personalized individual sessions. Decide which setting works best for you or try a combination.

Length and duration of the program: We determine the length of your program at the time of your assessment. Treatment duration varies from days to weeks, with many court mandated programs requiring 8-10 weeks or more. We will work with you to complete your objectives.


Anger Management Assessment (Spanish & English)

In an Anger Management Assessment, we take a comprehensive look at your life, the roots of your frustration, and how different pieces combine to create problematic anger. Our assessment is suited to the authority you are reporting to. We also examine the possibility for mental health issues and can help you find a path forward for areas that need attention. 

The evaluation typically lasts about 1 hour and examines your skills in assertiveness, motivation to change, stress management, empathy, ability to set boundaries, think independently of others, and determine your overall potential for aggression. This baseline information allows us to begin your anger management program and customize services to your needs if necessary and appropriate. If you need to document an assessment for court-related purposes, our specialist can provide that for the individual, however the fee will be different and discuss at scheduling time. 


Interactive Groups, One on One, Family Discussions (Spanish & English)

A typical anger management program is more like an interactive class than a therapy session. You are exposed to new ideas to become more conscious of your emotional, cognitive, and physical responses to anger – and how they all respond to conflict.

We aim to help you develop your own strategies to change your thinking and behavior. Depending on your needs, we may work with you on:

  • Improve your ability to manage stress and expression of anger.
  • Exploring breathing & meditation exercises
  • Appropriate physical & emotional techniques to release anger
  • Communication skills
  • Cognitive restructuring: changing the thoughts that shape your emotions
  • Family meetings to examine the role of anger in relationships
  • Our classes will positively impact your personal and professional life!


Judicial System, Courts, & Employers Requirements

If you need an evaluation or class for a court, employer, mediation, school, institution, road rage, or some other entity requiring of it you – we can help! Mandated referrals normally ask for assessments in cases when there has been a domestic dispute or charge, disorderly conduct charge, an altercation at work, resistant arrest charge, or anger displayed during an arrest.  We deliver practical recommendations to satisfy courts, probation/parole department or employers. 

Upon completion you will get proof of enrollment and a certificate of completion. We work with you to make sure you navigate this process smoothly and avoid headaches.

Not everyone has a court mandate. Maybe you are interested in learning more about anger and how to better manage it to improve your life. We are here for everyone. 


Online-Therapy – Telemedicine

You can access our services from wherever you are – internationally! Our classes have been approved in courts of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We always try to match you with a specialist who will be available at the time that fit your time zone. It is best to confirm acceptable courses with your court official. 
Your life is about to be happier! Give us a call at 703-256-1600 to see how we can work together to make life better.



Does this program satisfy court ordered requirements for anger management?

This program generally meets court ordered requirements. We will work with you to ensure your requirements are met. If you have been ordered to a "Batterers Intervention Program," this program will not meet your needs.


Do the sessions have to be weekly? Is there some flexibility?

No. Sessions are scheduled according to mutual convenience. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, but this is ultimately up to you and your needs. If this creates difficulties we can arrange for a more flexible schedule.


Can all of the sessions be scheduled in a one-week period?

No. We can try to accommodate you with more regular classes in a shorter period of time, but we’ve found results to be far better when the material is spread out so that you have a chance to build upon your new strategies & techniques.


What will determine whether the program is completed in eight, nine, ten or more sessions?

This is determined primarily in your Assessment. Once we determine your need in the Assessment you must complete the requirements – including attendance for as many sessions as necessary to cover material in our program. This is typically 8-10 sessions. 

However – if you are having difficulty understanding or applying the information, repeatedly or significantly late to sessions, or experiencing other issues it may become necessary to add additional sessions. We will keep you aware of any perceived problems and do what we can to address them quickly.


Am I able to access more than 10 sessions?

Yes. Though the program can be completed in eight to ten sessions for most cases, you may continue well beyond the program to consolidate and deepen your understanding, skills gained, or address other issues of concern.  


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