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Behavioral Health services for Adults (18+)

Psychiatry Services 

We provide psychiatry services to adults (18+) including medication management, psychotherapy, education, and diagnostic evaluations. 

We treat a wide variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, post-traumatic stress, OCD, and addiction.

Relationship Psychiatry

We started Kemet Health to build the mental health practice we never had available to us. We know the struggle of finding someone there to really listen. You have a complex story. It needs to be heard. And it can’t properly fit into a 15-minute appointment. At Kemet Health, we aren’t here to rush your treatment. After all, this is perhaps your most important appointment this month. Our psychiatric providers take the time to build a relationship around your continued mental health journey. You can opt for longer appointments.

Rather than quickly evaluate you, update your prescription and send you back into the world, we include therapy in the same visit and take the time to listen. This allows you to better tell your story. We want to hear about your relationships, your job, your struggles, your dreams. We can then capture all areas of your life in your treatment. Customized to you. And covered by insurance. This cuts down on your need to see multiple mental health providers. Saves you money and time. And it lets us focus more on helping you achieve your dreams.


Happy Family

Our Services 

Medication Management

  • Evaluation & management of psychiatric medications used to treat mental health conditions
  • Medications provided in combination with therapy for improved health outcomes
  • Regular visits every 2-6 weeks

Primary Care Consultations

  • Our specialists direct treatment and optimize medication management for patients who are generally stable
  • Best for patients who receive the majority of their mental health care from their primary care physician
  • Typically 1-2 visits

Medication Evaluation Consultation

  • Useful when intervention with psychiatric medication is being considered
  • In-depth discussion of options and the consideration of benefits + risks of psychopharmacologic use
  • Typically 1-2 visits

Medication Management with your Current Therapist

  • Our psychiatric providers can explore medication interventions at the request of your current therapist, in order to improve your health outcome
  • We coordinate care with your therapist over time, as desired