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NOTE: All our services are currently offered via telemedicine. This allows you to stay safe and access counseling from the convenience of home. Learn more about COVID-19

Some of our clients want “what treatment works best”.  

But many clients also want to try a more adaptive - “what works best for me”.  

Our pledge is to offer individualized care. Because everyone is different. Find the services that work for you.


Choose a custom blend of individual and group therapy, or take our advice on the best means of your treatment. 



Humans are social beings. Group therapy is one avenue to engage with others in a dynamic and informative environment.

Advantages of Group Therapy

  • Effective at overcoming struggles in early phases of treatment: removes the adversarial dynamic with being in treatment
  • Positive peer support: association, information, feedback
  • Reduction in patient’s sense of isolation. Realize that you are not alone and many others struggle with similar issues.
  • Experience real-life examples of people in recovery, gaining perspective on your own recovery
  • Social skills training and practice.    

Group sessions are effective at treating problems that accompany addiction: depression, isolation & shame

Groups help to support individuals in times of pain & trouble – sharing your experiences with others is therapeutic

People Participating in Group Therapy


Individual sessions allow for private, focused attention on your personal struggles. Build a meaningful relationship with a Kemet counselor today.

Advantages of Individual Therapy

  • Maintain your confidentiality. 
  • One-on-one attention from the therapist, allowing you to be thorough in understanding your issues.
  • The pace can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you the pace that is right for you.
  • Increase your self-awareness. Reflect on your experiences by talking directly with the counselor.
  • Self-Exploration. Who am I? What are my beliefs/values? What makes life meaningful or worth getting excited about?
  • Pick a time most convenient to you.

Young Lady Talking to Doctor


We care. A lot.

  • We started this practice to help you. Our aim is to expand access to necessary treatments for those who find themselves struggling. Your well-being is our priority.
  • We go the extra mile. This means helping you where you need help, prepping for an interview, accessing government resources, or encouraging certain dietary/lifestyle trends. You will find helping hands at Kemet. 

Our counselors (likely) accept your insurance.

  • This means treatment for little or no out-of-pocket expense.

We are serious about evidence-based clinical care.

  • This is not your ordinary counseling office. We bring a structured approach to recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues.

We integrate with outside psychiatric care. 

  • We have partnered with local psychiatrists for ease of coordination, we can also work you’re your existing psychiatrist as well.
  • Our counselors have years of experience working in and leading multi-disciplinary teams. 

We encourage family members and loved ones to get involved. 

  • We work with families through education, counseling, and coping skills. 
  • Psychoeducation about the illness in question and how to deal with the individual struggling. This includes basic information about the disorder, its course, causes, treatment, and prognosis. This can last 2-6 sessions typically. 
  • Family Counseling Interventions include parent-adolescent conflict and approaching the dynamics within the family holistically to help better identify expectations and improve communication. Other interventions can cover any aspect of the future, such as marriage & pregnancy, behavioral management, professional prospects and improving communication. The number sessions can vary depending on the severity and personal desires of your family.
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