The Kemet Health Advantage

Kemet is a One-Stop Shop

Our goal is to have everything you need in one place. This means having your doctor, your counselor, and an advocate on your behalf all in the same building. This is common sense to us, but it isn’t always easy to find in practice.

Treatment Planning

When you’re a member of Kemet, we work with you to help you set goals for your recovery. This is a collaborative process with your counselor. Together we create a roadmap for today and tomorrow. And we figure out how our team can best help and support you.

Personalized Coordination

Kemet Health’s staff members want to be viewed as your personal assistant. We set up appointments for you at other offices, help you find a job, and navigate demands from the legal system. Our aim is to be there for you.


These days you don’t have to be at the clinic for every appointment. We use secure video-conferencing for physician and counselor appointments. Some insurers have strict rules for telemedicine, but we do what we can to accommodate everyone.

Choose Your Setting for Therapy

Maybe you are someone who prefers group therapy because of the sense of connection that comes with it. Or maybe individual therapy helps you better focus on some of your current struggles. This choice is yours to make.

Focus on Your Life

We don’t want to just focus on your struggles with addiction, or on your recovery. We want to help you rebuild your life so that you’re excited to wake up and meet the day.

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